gTVG TV Guide

The gTVG TV Guide is a simple TV program schedule viewer, which allows you to quickly see what is on TV at the moment or later, and be reminded of when your favourite shows start.

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Latest News

.: 2007-09-24 :. gTVG version 0.3 released

Heavily delayed, mainly because of hardware troubles, a new version of the gTVG TV Guide is now ready. This version includes many new features including a program grid (in addition to the list) and PVR functionality.

  • Grid view
  • Edit favourite dialog
  • Custom reminders for different favourites
  • Matching of partial title for favourites
  • Reminder duration option
  • Option to play sound for reminders
  • Recording of favourites with possibility to prioritize or disable separate occasions, and suspend and wakeup
  • Nice formatting of program description text
  • Category editing - rename, group and colourise
  • Configurable start of day
  • Support for XMLTV audio properties
  • Support for --slow grabber command line option
  • Support for tv_grab_au and tv_grab_cz
  • Many minor enhancements and bug fixes.

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