gTVG TV Guide features

Most persons will probably get a quicker overview of the functionality by looking at the screenshots.
  • Nice clean GTK+ interface with TV listings displayed both in list and grid.
  • Display every program, hide past, show specific day, specific channel, specific category, or show only favourites.
  • Search in all data (title, description, categories, etc.) or for next occurrance of program or favourite.
  • Favourites - can be restricted to channel, time or one occassion. Match whole or partial title. Distinctly displayed in the program list.
  • Reminders a configuarable time before favourite show starts. Can be configured separately for each favourite.
  • Blacklist - hide annoying programs.
  • Configurable categories - rename, combine, colourise.
  • Configurable channels - rename, reorder, and select icon.
  • PVR functionality - record favourites using external commands, prioritise or disable single occasions, configurable start/stop margin, suspend and wakeup computer before/after recording.
  • Tray icon with current and upcoming programs as tooltip.
  • XMLTV backend - easy configuration and updates, and monitoring of data changes (from cronjob, ontv, etc.) Display of all relevant data. Can also use an external command such as nxtvepg. Logo